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Rejuvenescer Embelezando é a Meta da Bioplastia.


A technology that is revolutionizing the world

Are you in a hurry to show a new butt? Bioplasty solves that!

With summer approaching—the season when the body is most exposed—the concern of most women is concentrated in one part of the body: the butt.  This attitude is natural, since the butt format is an important harmony component in the female body, mainly in the Brazilian aesthetic pattern.  Many want to have it fixed, remodeled, lifted, increased, but usually postpone doing so, thinking that it must necessarily be performed through surgical procedure.  What most do not know is that Bioplasty works in this area too.

Through Bioplasty all women may have the perfect butt, and become more beautiful and confident—the size and shape you like and with which you feel good—in a very simple and fast way. And best of all, there is no need to choose in advance the size or format you wish: you can assess it during the procedure. (…)

The result of a butt shaped through Bioplasty is so natural that withstands the critical eye of the most demanding expert: it does not cause tissue damage, and the place where it goes in receives anesthesia like the one used by dentists.

Getting to know the technique

Bioplasty consists in the implantation of biomaterials (polymethylmethacrylate microspheres – PMMA) that stimulate one’s own collagen formation.  The biomaterial is implanted through a microcannula that does not cause tissue damage, and the place where it penetrates receives anesthesia as the one used by dentists.

Getting to know the biomaterial

PMMA is a product which has been used in medicine for over 60 years—as an implant for over 20 years—long enough to track more than one million people who have undergone PMMA implants, and ensure that its use has been proven effective and safe.  Therefore, there are no risks involving the biomaterial or Bioplasty.

Excerpts from full article published in the Journal Classic Life, Issue No. 13, 2009, p. 10.

Buttocks and body harmony

Regarding the aesthetic standard of beauty, the gluteal region is the greatest point of attraction for Brazilian men.  Workout exercises would be an important aid to develop that region if women’s muscular structure were not different from men’s in regard to muscle insertion points at the hip.

Due to this anatomical difference, men easily develop the gluteal muscles but women, even practicing workout, have difficulties in developing the muscles of that region.  In order to solve this problem, there were some initiatives, such as silicone prosthesis into the buttocks, which began in Mexico with the plastic surgeon Fernando Ortiz Monastery.  Later the fat grafts were developed by Jean Pierre Fournier (France), and more recently Bioplasty, developed by plastic surgeon Almir Moojen Nácul (Porto Alegre/RS – Brazil).

Bioplasty is regarded as a revolution in cosmetic surgery because it is a no-cutting plastic procedure in which you can shape, lift and increase the butt with immediate results.  It is a very safe procedure as long as it is done with high quality materials and by qualified professionals who must perfectly master this technique.

Bioplasty is an interactive procedure in which the patient—with the help of a mirror—may  actively participate in the transformation and have no surprises as to the result.  Therefore, any woman, regardless of age, can have the butt of her dreams, improve her self-esteem and become more self-confident.

All is done with local anesthesia, the same used by dentists.  The procedure lasts about one hour and a half and, as no hospitalization is needed, the patient can come in and out walking.  He or She is able to sit on the same day and sleep in the position he or she finds most comfortable.  In addition, the result is very natural and even an examiner, no matter how experienced he or she may be, will not be able to detect visually or by palpation that there is an implant there and will regard your beautiful butt as privilege of nature or as the result of a lot of workout.

Article published in the Journal Classic Life, 18th Edition, 2010, p. 14.


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