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What is Bioplasty?

Bioplasty is the non-surgical plastic procedure, performed with the implantation of injectable biomaterials applied into deep anatomical planes, through a minimally invasive method, using microcannulas in retroinjection. In simpler language, Bioplasty is the implantation of substances compatible with the human body to increase volume and modify lines, angles and shapes in the face, body, lower and upper limbs and the gluteal region.

How is Bioplasty done?

The implant of biomaterial is performed without cuts, through an orifice made with the tip of a needle where a blunt-tipped microcannula is inserted which, when inserted in the skin, by deviation, does not injure vessels, nerves nor noble tissues, thus making this procedure safe and virtually painless, without hematomas or ecchymosis (purple bruises), with little edema (swelling) and almost no bleeding. The chosen and indicated biomaterial must be deeply implanted (into the muscles or below them) in order to gain volume in a natural way, without showing the presence of the biomaterial on the surface not even by the touch. When the defect or depression is too shallow, we may apply the implant into the subcutaneous level, but at a lower concentration.

What are the areas in which Bioplasty can be applied?

ABioplasty may be performed in any tissue in the body to reconstruct, restore or embellish the face, body, arms and legs, and buttocks. Moreover, it has been successfully used by otolaryngologists to correct vocal cord paralysis, and by urologists in the correction of vesicoureteral reflux and urinary incontinence.

Does Bioplasty hurt?

Bioplasty is performed under local anesthesia, the same used by dentists, and uses microcannulas which do not cut like needles, making the procedure practically painless.

Who can undergo the technique of Bioplasty?

After undergoing medical evaluation, anyone seeking rejuvenation, beautification or correction.

Can Bioplasty be combined with other surgical procedures?

Yes. It is a technique that can be done with other surgical procedures or not, but your doctor is the one who will determine regarding this combination.

After Bioplasty is there need for home rest?

No. Bioplasty is an outpatient procedure that, in most cases, at the end, patients may go home or carry on their normal activities.


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